Kindergarten Stepping Stones: A Journey to Excellence through Discovery is an integrated kindergarten curriculum utilizing literature-based themes. As children explore the themes and interact with their teachers and peers, it is the primary purpose of this curriculum to help make the invisible God visible to each child, guiding them into a loving relationship with Jesus so that through service they may each uniquely reflect His love to others.

Kindergarten Stepping Stones is a complete curriculum for kindergarten that covers all subject areas. The following materials are included:

Teacher Material

Teacher Manual
Gives overview of Kindergarten Stepping Stones and presents the philosophy and practices used.

Bible Story/Music CDs
Contain a recording of the Bible story and songs for each child to take home.

10 Bible Story Lapbooks
Contain the four Bible stories
that will be taught during the month.

Stairway to Reading Phonics
Kit with Teacher’s Guide

Provides instruction for implementing the Stairway to Reading phonics program.

10 Daily Lesson Guides and Blackline CDs
Provide the details needed for lesson planning. There are 10 Daily Lesson Guides,
one for each monthly theme.

37 Trade Books
Read by the teacher to the class which sets the stage for the weekly activities. There are four trade books for most monthly themes.

1 Poetry Resource Book
Here’s a Little Poem: A Very First Book of Poetry
Provides a starting point for presenting related poetry throughout the themes.

Student Material

Bible Story/Music CDs (consumable)
Contain a recording of the Bible story and songs for each child to take home.

Kindergarten Bible Story Readers (consumable)
Provide each child a take-home copy
of the week’s Bible story.

Stairway to Reading Student
Activity Book
Reinforces the phonics concepts and skills.





Visit the Resources section of the Kindergarten Stepping Stones website for other materials including Lead Teacher PowerPoint Presentations, Kindergarten News documents, Math Tracking Cards, Phonics Lesson Bag Labels, Pinterest Idea Boards, and more.

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