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Choose a classroom grade level or configuration from the options below. Note that this site is updated every April with the coming year’s textbooks. At that point, the pages default to displaying curriculum for the upcoming year, but you can switch to view the previous cycle if you need to.












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Multigrade curriculum rotations are in four year cycles that alternate between odd and even years. The current cycle will depend on the last half of the proposed school year:

  • School years ending with even numbers use even curriculum cycles (2 or 4).
  • School years ending with odd numbers use odd curriculum cycles (1 or 3).

Which odd or even rotation being utilized is determined by the next cycle in the four-year sequence. Textbook pages on this site are automatically updated to show the intended cycle, but can be manually set to display another cycle when needed by using the cycle selector at the top right of any applicable page.

One room teachers: You have a choice in Bible,  Art,  Music, and PE to choose whichever grade curriculum best reflects the majority of your students.  If the majority of students are in grades 1-4, use lower grade choice.  If the majority of your students are in grades 5-8, the upper grade choice is used.

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