The North American Division Elementary Bible Standards are the basis for the Bible program. The Encounter Bible Curriculum is to be used in all classrooms. Content has been developed from a clearly defined scope and sequence to provide students with knowledge of the fundamental beliefs of the church and a Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle.

Encounter Bible Curriculum for grades 1–8 is a digital program, complemented by material and resource kits. These materials are organized by grades 1–4, 5–8, and a general kit for the school. The kits are available through AdventSource. The digital curriculum can be downloaded for those who have been officially trained. You must be trained in order to access materials. Contact your Conference Office of Education for training and access.



Kindergarten Stepping Stones: A Journey to Excellence through Discovery is an integrated curriculum that utilizes literature-based themes with strong spiritual connections so children may come to know God better and love him more. The Bible component of the program includes Bible stories and activities in the Daily Lesson Guides (DLGs). Additional resources to support the Bible stories include lapbooks, readers, and story/music CDs.

Grades 1–8


The program consists of a narrative approach to Bible instruction. Teaching Unit Books help guide the teacher through Biblical content with a specific theme in mind. Each theme reveals a new aspect of God's Character. The Unit Books are available for download on the Encounter website. Note that training is required to access to the curriculum. Contact your local conference office for more information.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

God is Trustworthy

God Protects and Provides

God is Loving and Generous

God is a Wise God

God is Patient and Full of Grace

God is Faithful

God Transforms

God Calls

Supplementary Materials


Baptismal Class Resources

Baptismal guides recommended for use in Grades 6-8 include the following titles:

Following Jesus: A Junior Baptismal Guide

It’s My Choice: Junior/Teen Baptismal Guide

A Reason to Believe: What Being an Adventist is All About

Pathways of the Pioneers

A wonderful collection of audio stories of the men and women who founded the Adventist Church brought to life by Your Story Hour. Listen to an audio stream of a selection of stories from the 22-CD set on the White Estate website. The entire set can be ordered on the Adventist Book Center website.

What We Believe for Kids: Helping Children Understand the Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

This book from Pacific Press is intended to help kids understand what their church teaches—to help them understand what it means to be an Adventist. It isn’t meant to be comprehensive or complete but is meant to serve as an introduction to and a summary of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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