The North American Division Elementary Fine Arts K-8 Standards are to be used as a resource tool for organizing and developing a successful program for the musical arts. Note that the MGH music program is produced by a secular publisher, some lessons may contain materials that is contrary to the Adventist Worldview. Teachers must use discretion to edit the materials so that it is appropriate for use.



Kindergarten Stepping Stones: A Journey to Excellence through Discovery is a curriculum that integrates music and drama into literature-based themes with strong spiritual connections so children may come to know God better and love Him more.

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Music Curriculum

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Spotlight on Music

Spotlight on Music (2016) by McGraw-Hill has been adopted by the North American Division. This technology-based, interactive music curriculum provides both students and teachers with excellent opportunities to enjoy performing and listening to music from North America and around the world, and to develop musical appreciation, knowledge, and literacy skills. Schools of all sizes will discover that the curriculum for grades 3 and 5 will provide ample lessons to be used as the foundation for music instruction for all eight grades.

Adventist Education Music Curriculum

Adventist Education has developed a program to make music in the classroom manageable as well as more affordable. Only grades 3 and 5 curriculum need to be purchased from McGraw-Hill. Based on a four-year cycle, grades 1-4 are taught using the grade 3 curriculum, and grades 5-8 using the grade 5 curriculum.

The Music website outlines the content for the cycles, incorporates lessons which focus on hymns, and provides basic lessons for music content review. Teachers in large schools may choose to either use the website or curriculum as outlined by McGraw-Hill for each grade. Keep in mind that the McGraw-Hill program for grades 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8 have not been reviewed for content appropriate for Adventist schools. Note also that the cycles are comprised of units and lessons from ONLY Grade 3 & 5 materials. Please refer to the Music website for a yearly cycle.

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