North American Division Elementary Science Standards (2015) are to be used in planning the science curriculum.



Kindergarten Stepping Stones: A Journey to Excellence through Discovery is an integrated curriculum that utilizes literature-based themes with strong spiritual connections so children may come to know God better and love him more.

Grades 1–8


ByDesign: A Journey to Excellence through Science program for grades 1-8 is the creation-based program published by Kendall Hunt under the direction of the North American Division. The program is based on a 5-step instructional model: Engage, Discover, Explain, Extend, and Assess/Reflect. This teaching model is used to promote inquiry-based learning and to stimulate a natural desire for knowledge and better understanding of God’s creation.

Each grade level is organized by four units: (1) Life Science, (2) Human Body, (3) Earth and Space Science, and (4) Physical Science. Lessons provide many hands-on opportunities to explore and experiment with science. Faith connections that reflect the Adventist worldview are developed throughout the lessons.


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More curriculum and supplementary materials can be found on the science website. ByDesign Science Kits are also available to purchase for single-grades or multigrades. For those teachers who wish to create their own, a science kit supply list is available on the website. Be sure to fill out the “Teacher Resource Tab” so that teachers will be able to access online resources.


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